I LOVE food! Especially great gourmet and exotic foods. Not sure how it happened, as I can remember the childhood days when I would only eat Mac and Cheese. The Taste of Dubai event is more of a trade show than NYC’s Taste of NY street fair. I was very impressed by the sampling menus, booth layouts and set up of the whole show. The organizers created a great ambiance. I spent the four days of the show helping Sugar Daddy’s Bakery at their booth, with press and marketing at the show and networking with other exhibitors.

Give me this kind of work any day. I was in HEAVEN! Some of the top Michelin-Starred Chef’s (Gary Rhodes, Gordon Ramsay, Vineet Bhatia) and best restaurants in Dubai were at the show. I enjoyed talking to the variety of people who stopped by our booth and complemented us on the best cupcakes in Dubai. I loved sampling all the fruit, juices, oils, camel’s milk chocolate, hot chocolate, etc… I made friends with various chefs, staff and exhibitors, and made out like a bandit on freebies.

I tried really hard to sample everything, but I can only eat so much. Here is a list of my favorite dishes I tasted at the show, if you’re ever in Dubai put these restaurants on your “to eat” list:

  • White Tomato Soup (I begged and begged Gary Rhodes to divulge his secret, but to no avail. However, this is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted) & Braised Beef with fondant potato and carmelized onions (Rhodes Mezzanine – Anglo-French)
  • Thai spiced Lemongrass Gazpacho with Barramundi Ceviche & Confit Grey Snapper Seafood Dumplings and King Crab Risotto (Pisces – Mediterranean, Seafood)
  • Chili fried squid with lime & Kobe seared beef with oriental dressing (ZUMA – Japenese Izakaya)
  • Gazpacho Andalous, mimosa king crab salad, white alba truffle oil (Empire)
  • Morsels of Chicken tikka in creamy tomato sauce with shitake mushrooms, saffron pulao (Indego – Indian, chef Vineet Bhatia)
  • Foie gras on ginger-apple compote and caramelized red onions & braised shoulder of lamb with potato puree (Le Classique – French)
  • Seared kangaroo and marinated prawn served with carrot orange puree, roquette leaves tossed in a truffle Parmesan dressing (Legends Steak House)


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  • Monster Mary says:

    Hey you got it to work. Yummy yummy food. You look cute helping out there. What’s your favorite cupcake? I’m sad I won’t be at the reunion to participate in the contest though I’ve been thinking about creating one and sending in my recipe for someone else to make for me. 🙂 Are the kids going to be making them too?

  • Amber Henrie says:

    I have so many favorite cupcakes – I love their carrot and banana ones and I also like both cupcakes with the caramel frosting (Mom also loved these ones). I think it will be fun to have a cupcake contest (after working a the bakery for 4 months I better take the lead). I’m sure the kids will have to be involved, after all, I think Bill’s kids are now addicted to “Sugar Daddy’s” cupcakes. They each have their favorite and Jason is always asking me to bring home blank ones so he can ice them. 🙂 You need to make it to this reunion – I’m dying to see you and the boys.

  • Tango says:

    Amber, this sounds like a blast. If I saw Gordon Ramsey I would scream “GET OUT!!!”

    you look so perfect for the part of cupcake hostess 🙂

  • Aaron Brown says:

    you were the BEST mooch! fond memories of all the free crap we scored.

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