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I want my Man to be an Old Spice Man

By March 24, 2010 One Comment

The first time I saw Old Spice’s commercial, “the man your man could smell like,” my jaw dropped. Recently I was out with the girls and one of my friends expressed the same “AWE” when she saw the commercial for the first time in the lobby. The commercials first launched during the Olympics, but it is still getting a lot of play. I stop to watch it every time, even when fast forwarding my TIVO’d shows. The “man” Isaiah Mustafa (former pro-football player) is bold and charmingly cocky..he’s definitely got appeal. I applaud Ad agency Wieden & Kennedy who is responsible for the add.

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  • Monster Mary says:

    ha ha, so I'm sure you aren't surprised that I've never seen that before as I don't watch TV but it was pretty funny. THanks. I must agree I'm not into girly smelling men. I want a manly man who doesn't worry about facials or maincures. Only manly men for me. Or rather Man there's only one.

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