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Grandiose – Typical Dubai Fashion

By July 1, 2010 2 Comments

I left Dubai before the Burj Dubai, renamed the Burj Khalifa (good move to give credit to their Abu Dhabi cousin who bailed them out), was finished. I sure would love to see the finished product and how it lights up their skyline. I particularly would like to see this fountain live, I guess now I have a reason to go back. I really love the music paired with the beautiful dancing water in this video. The technology behind this is something that fascinates me. I also love watching the fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas.

What I like most about this and Bellagio fountains – they attract an audience, create buzz and they are a “must see” for tourists. What can we learn from this? What makes these fountains so compelling? Obviously this is not a low-budget tourist attraction, but there is a lot of talent behind them and a great representation of art. Also – they change regularly, so even the locals visit often to see the new water choreography and songs. They use these fountains to promote and give tribute to leaders, artists and musicians. What a great resource and promotional tool.

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