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Is Dance Animation Changing the Industry?

By January 11, 2011 No Comments

So there is a good debate going on out there among arts presenters (particularly dance) about how we help audiences learn that dance is more than 2-3 minute “thrills” as presented on DWTS and SYTYCD. Think of how much more difficult it is to create an evening-length work – Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Ailey’s Revelations…the list of stunning works is lengthy but rarely a platform arises for anything more than 5 minutes to get viewed by the mass public (TV). A blogger the other day asked me if Dance New Amsterdam has seen a rise in new students in their ballet classes because of Black Swan, and maybe they will. When DWTS came on the scene most of the ballroom studios here in NYC saw about a 30% increase in new students (I definitely saw a rise in my classes). I’m a huge supporter of getting dance viewed anywhere and everywhere and little by little the audience to new evening-length works will increase.

So one of those mediums to get dance viewed anywhere – my alumni association sent out this new dance animation short film that BYU animation professor Ryan Woodward collaborated with Dance professor Kori Wakamatsu to create a touching number. I think its pretty cool, so wanted to share.

Thought of You from Ryan J Woodward on Vimeo.

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