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March 21, 2019

2019 In The Lights Instagram Guide

Instagram isn’t just a social media platform anymore, it’s yelp, recommendations, websites, snapchat, open table,…
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August 31, 2018

Great Apps for Social Media Content

That small, handheld device you’re either reading this from, or that’s stowed away in your…
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August 31, 2018

Best LA Coffee Shops for Meetings

Coffee shops and cafes are everywhere, especially on the West Coast! We are a boutique…
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August 5, 2016

Photography 101: How to Maximize the Quality of Your Photos

With the onset of Instagram, anyone can take a good picture. So how do you…
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May 17, 2015

Credible Branding Starts from Within

For the better part of seven years, I've been advising business owners and startup founders…
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The Reviews Are in!

“As a reporter for NY1, I work with countless PR professionals. After working closely with In The Lights for many years, I can honestly say she is one of the best…she absolutely lives in the dance world and understands with great depth of the dance culture. But what sets her apart as a publicist, is that she is able to put that into context for non-dance professionals.”

Stephanie SimonNY1 News

“In The Lights goes the extra mile for their clients with good press releases, thorough information, photographs, phone follow-up and persistence. By providing a wealth of dance resources, In The Lights makes it easy for me to attend events and disseminate information to my readers.”

Walter RutledgeHarlem World Blog

“I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing In The Lights clients as guests on my radio show, but our relationship deepened when we hired them to do PR for my radio show’s 1-yr anniversary charity event. The team at In The Lights are incredibly talented, energetic, positive, professional, and deliver on the PR services they promise in every way. They are an extremely valuable part of the public relations presence of my brand. In The Lights has a gift for helping dance and arts organizations take their public relations presence to the next level.”

Ashani MfukoCEO, Kiner Enterprises Inc.

“Amber Henrie is an enthusiastic media savvy woman who cares deeply for dance and her clients.”

Christine JowersFounder, Dance Enthusiast

“Working with In The Lights is great for CSI. Representing a cultural policy think tank is no easy task. They have really taken the time to learn about what we are doing and have been extremely helpful in creating language that conveys some very complicated ideas in ways that people can understand and transmit to others.”

Founder, Cultural Strategies InitiativeFounder, Dance Enthusiast

“Not all press agents go above and beyond like In The Lights to ensure coverage for their clients. They do great work for those they represent, bring enthusiasm to their pitches, and actually make it joyful (!!) to provide coverage.”

Leonard Jacobs