Spark Sessions
We created this consultation series to help arts and fitness professionals spark creative solutions and create a roadmap to achieve your goals.

What is Your Spark?

When your organization gets the greenlight to resume arts & fitness programming post COVID, will you be ready?  COVID-19’s impact on the arts and fitness industries will leave a lasting impact, with a quarter of gyms closing, and 47% of arts organizations still uncertain of their re-opening date.

In The Lights’ Spark Sessions will highlight strategies to help you improve your marketing and communications practices and identify tools needed to implement change that brings you into the spotlight.

Your Options

The Spark Menu

Social Media Audit
Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to stay connected with audiences and keep your work on their radar. Let’s discuss what is and isn’t working about your social strategy, and discuss effective ways to create relevant content that can be shared across all social platforms.

Vision & Mission Statements Review
Developing strong and effective vision and mission statements is the the foundation of all business and marketing strategies, and the first step to effectively telling a dynamic story. We will review and audit your Vision and Mission statements, and recommend ways to improve their effectiveness and clarity.

Key Messaging Statements
How are you telling your story? What are your key messaging points? Is your message consistent? We’ll review how you are talking about your organization/event and identify easy-to-understand messages so you can clarify and more easily communicate your message.

Public Relations & Press Release Audit
A press release intended for press requires a keen knowledge of what information press are seeking. We will review a selection of your releases, discuss media targets, and pinpoint ways to capture the attention of target outlets and reporters.

E-Marketing Practices
Your email list is one of your organization’s most valuable assets, if you know how to use it to its full potential. We’ll dig into your most recent email campaigns, finding solutions to target the right message to the right audience for maximum impact.

Integrated Marketing
There is a seemingly unending number of digital, social media, partnership, and traditional media options for marketing your organization, but you don’t have the time —or money— to be everywhere. We’ll evaluate what channels make your perfect media mix.

Defining Your Visual Brand
It’s possible to have cohesive visual branding — even without the luxury of a full-time graphic designer on staff. We’ll help you identify simple design tools and provide a template for creating a style guide that will help all members of your organization stay on brand.

Custom Sessions
Looking for something else? We’re happy to create a custom session for you. In The Lights provides a variety of services that can fit your immediate needs.

Each session will consist of:

  • 90-minute virtual consultation.
  • 2 hours of preparation and analysis (audit) from In The Lights, based on the information and materials provided to our team prior to the consultation. This will allow us to get to know your organization and its goals and ensure a successful consultation.
  • Checklists and planning tools – we’ll provide you with sample marketing tools that will help you and your team improve communications and marketing efforts.

In order to provide you with the best service, we are only able to cover one topic per consultation. Should you wish to cover more than one topic, we’re happy to book you into an additional session at 20% off.

Cost: $600

Bright Ideas For Turning

the Lights Back On

The continued success of your organization depends not only on how you weathered the challenges of the last year, but how strongly you bounce back from a year on pause or limited capacity. 

We know the eccentricities of the arts and fitness marketing space: tight budgets, tough competition for class and ticket sales, and ever-dwindling press coverage. Over the past 7+ years we’ve worked with arts, cultural, and fitness organizations of various types, sizes, and locations. Our boutique agency’s laser focus on arts and fitness (and our personal ties to the arts, as artists and fitness enthusiasts!) means that we have the tools to showcase organizations in their best light.