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With the situation on COVID-19 changing rapidly, arts and fitness organizations across the globe are scrambling to adjust to the new reality of closed doors, cancelled performances and an impending financial crisis.

Be An ArtsHero

The arts sector, which has been completely shut down for four months, is in dire need of support. In The Lights is proud to partner with Be an #ArtsHero, an intersectional grassroots campaign to get the U.S. Senate to pass emergency relief for the Arts & Culture sector. The citizen organizers call on their fellow Americans to urge all 100 U.S. Senators to pass massive economic relief for the Arts & Culture sector by August 1st.

Lets get through this


We’re are a team of dreamers and doers bound together by our passion for helping others realize their impact, story and legacy on the world. Times like these require comprehensive strategy and nimble communications plans that can be implemented by you or with our support. When it comes to working with In The Lights, we’re all ears.

Ways we can support you in our current circumstances:

  • Assist with external communications about closings, new virtual offerings, and reopening celebrations
  • Create new social content and campaigns to bolster your followers throughout the crisis
  • Develop e-marketing strategies for keeping patrons engaged
  • Tackle those marketing projects that get pushed to the side during a busy season

“As a small business owner, I understand the weight of continuing your mission and finding ways to thrive during this time of uncertainty. Every individual and organization has something unique they can offer during this time to provide solutions, joy, inspiration, and humor. In reviewing our guiding principles – trust, connect, advocate, collaborate, educate, support – I was reminded that storms don’t last forever, but the best way to weather a storm is to do so together. Let us join your virtual roundtables!”

Amber Henrie, Founder & CEO

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