Performances are canceled.

Everyone is working from home. 

Now what? 

Just like darkness needs light, times of big change call for big ideas. To that end, we’ve created a brainstorming questionnaire to help guide the conversations you’re having as an organization in this time of uncertainty. Download our handy questionnaire to go along with the questions below!

  • How might COVID-19 be impacting the people we serve? 
    • Is our audience mostly older? Have children home from school? Facing financial crises? 
  • How might COVID-19 be impacting the artists in our community? 
  • What can our organization do to continue to fulfil our mission in our community? 
  • How can the arts shine a light in dark times?
  • What challenges are we facing right now?
  • What unique resources do we have that we can access?
    • People
    • Time
    • Space
    • Technology
    • Finances
  • What are things on the backburner that we wish we had the opportunity to accomplish, but day-to-day demands of running the company have prevented us from tackling?
    • Long-term planning: Seizing the opportunity in the break of normal operations to focus on strategic long-term goals. 
    • Social Media strategies: Staying connected with stakeholders while social distancing, and fulfilling your mission to provide meaningful content for your audiences from afar. 
    • Online fundraising: Filling the gap missing income from cancelled performances and fundraising events by utilizing online fundraising streams. 
    • Database overhaul: Cleaning and segmenting databases during downtime to more effectively ability to target communications
    • Brand Messaging: Crises can help clarify an organization’s mission, vision, values, and the essential services it provides. 

Want to talk through any of these questions with In The Lights? Book some time with us and we will see what we can come up with together. Click here to schedule a complimentary 45-minute call.

Download our handy questionnaire to go along with the questions!
Covid_Perf Arts Response Planner

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