With the unknown of how long COVID-19 will shutter and impact how businesses are able to provide daily services to their customers, many funding resources are quickly being launched to help small businesses weather the storm. 

Just this week, the National Endowment for the Arts released a study that shows that During Economic Highs and Lows, the Arts Are a Key Segment of the U.S. Economy. One important finding is that “arts industries that contribute the most value to the nation’s GDP are also highly reactive to swings in business cycles including: performing arts companies; independent artists, writers, and performers; and arts‐related retail trade.” 

It’s a lot easier to be innovative when you’re not worried about making payroll. We’ve curated a list of resources that we think could be helpful for the artists and arts organizations in our community. We’ll UPDATE THIS LIST REGULARLY and provide more details on them as we learn more. Comment below with other resources you’re aware of if we don’t have it on our list. 

Emergency Funding Grants for Artists and Arts Organizations 

Emergency Preparedness Resources

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