Getting a blog going is not always easy, but it will make a definite impact on your business, by connecting you directly to your audience. The challenge is to not let the blog always take a back seat (a struggle we battle), but instead creating the conversations within your company that allow you and your team to find a strategy that will work for you. Sometimes you have to shift responsibilities and tasks to create time for planning and implementing a blog, as we’ve learned here at ITL, and it’s okay if that takes a little bit of time.

In The Lights Team Members at Holiday Party

Our blog will feature guest posts from ITL’s network and provide our readers with an opportunity to get to know our team through posts from each of us in our areas of focus and about the things that inspire us.

As a kick off, we’d like to put out a few tips about the type of content that should drive your blog, as well as providing some suggestions for creating and posting blog posts quickly.

  1. A blog is a perfect way to capture how current trends in the market, and current events relate to your business. Reference current articles in your post and do a little research to supplement your posts as well. Your audience might not be reading and watching what you are, so you can help your readers by becoming their go-to source for information in your field.
  2. Planning takes center stage when setting up your blog. Consistent posts provide the opportunity for you to publish searchable content on a regular basis, which will improve your company’s search engine optimization (SEO) and also gives you original content to share across your social media platforms (rather than sharing other organizations content). Get everyone in your organization involved and assign due dates. Assign topics based on their strengths, and ask them for suggestions about what they’d like to contribute.
  3. Blog posts don’t have to be long and take days to write – keep it high-level. What is the topic that you want to write about? Define three things that relate to that topic and write a paragraph about each, and you have a post.
  4. When you’re ready, post it, and get creative about how you share your blog posts on social media. Remember – if you have three relatable points in your blog, you can create three social media posts featuring each of those angles.

We hope you’ll follow the In The Lights journey here on our blog and we tip our hats to you as you build and create your own!

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