Sylvia Nasser is a certified personal trainer and creator of the national #irockthesportsbra body positive campaign. Sylvia’s past (extreme dieter and over-exerciser) serves as a cautionary tale to women everywhere in their own journey to self-love. A powerhouse of positivity, boxing enthusiast, influencer, mother and badass, Sylvia strives to empower women to face their fears, let go of judgements, and celebrate every step of their personal fitness and self-love journey.


Sylvia came to In The Lights to define her brand, build her fitness influencer status, and continue to spread body positivity and self-love for women everywhere. She also wanted increase her following and engagement, and align with brands she believed in.


Valentine’s day isn’t just about receiving a dozen roses and a box of chocolates from your significant other, Valentine’s Day is also about loving yourself. In The Lights worked with Sylvia to create, plan, and coordinate the rollout of the 7-day Self-love Giveaway Campaign. Identifying brands, reaching out and coordinating product terms resulted in seven brands; Terez, Lolambco Sliders, Peach, Plumsott, KDEER, Style Reform and So Danca. Sylvia arranged a photo shoot to showcase the brand products and In The Lights handled design of stories and other promotional and engagement posts for the campaign. Followers were encouraged to “share the love” for a chance to win! Using the key hashtag #irockselflove, this campaign put her #irockthesportsbra movement in the spotlight, while also growing her audience with likeminded women everywhere.


At the start of the #irockselflove campaign on February 14, 2019, Sylvia’s Instagram account @thefitfem had 12,055 followers. With love spreading like wildfire across the social platform during the duration of the 7-day giveaway, Sylvia’s account acquired 505 new followers and further branded herself as a fitness personality who is committed to making women feel good about themselves. Since the close of the campaign on February 29, 2019, Sylva’s Instagram presence has continued to grow to over 13,200 and has seen an increase in paid brand partnerships, most recently with the well known juice product, V8.

“The In The Lights team was so amazing to work with! They connected me with brands and helped me organize the giveaway calendar and managed all the details so I could focus on providing quality content to my audience.”  – Sylvia

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