Social media provides an unprecedented opportunity to stay connected with audiences and keep your work on their radar. Utilize the tips below for a quick social media refresh for your business:

1. Use the Same Imagery Across all you Social Profiles

This is a quick and simple fix to increase your brand’s identity. Your brand logo or image should be consistent across all of your social media networks. Consistent profile and header images for your business create a recognizable profile that your potential customers can easily identify. 

If your brand currently uses different photos and logos across your social media channels, you’ll confuse your potential followers and lessen your brand’s visual identity.

2. Make Sure your Social Handles are Consistent

For the same reasons that a consistent profile image is important, so too are matching social handles. Your Facebook page name should be the same as your Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok @ handles, along with any other platforms your company uses. 

Using the same handles makes it easier for people to search and find your company across the social channels and increases brand identity. Whatever handle you decide on should be as close to your brand’s actual name as possible. No need to get creative, as it may confuse customers. 

3. Follow Publications in Your Industry

Who are your competitors? Who do you admire in the industry? What are they posting about?

This is one of the quickest and simplest ways to find industry news, trends and updates that you can share within your community of followers and friends. Your feed will be full of articles, videos and discussions that you can use to inspire your own business’s content. 

The more valuable information and content that is attached to your business, the more distinguished you’ll look.

4.  Add Keywords to Your Business’s Profile

When people do web searches, you want your business to show up on the first page. Using the right keywords in your profile helps your business be easily accessible in the search results for your industry or niche.

First, identify the right keywords using tools like Google Keyword Planner or Instagram hashtags to see what terms or phrases people use to search for businesses in your industry. Then use those keywords in your social media profiles, like your Instagram bio or Facebook about page. 

Don’t just copy and paste the keywords into your profile, work them into a casual and conversational sentence so you sound like a person, instead of a robot. This quick tip will have search engines ranking your brand higher in their search results. 

5. Don’t Leave Anything Blank

Your profile is not the place to leave a blank space — the more information you offer about your business the better. Potential customers won’t have to search through your content to find information about you if you are transparent and upfront with it. 

It can also be seen as unprofessional or even a little bit lazy if you don’t include details about your company in your social profiles. 

For example, Facebook calls this “setting up your page for success,” because the more info you offer, the more credible your business appears. Their checklist included steps like, adding location info and a call to action button. Check your business Facebook page today and make sure you have completed all of Facebook’s 13 steps of page setup. 

6. Include a #LinkInBio

There’s probably a field in your social profile that allows you to enter a link to a website. Your website is just one of the many links you can include to create effective call-to actions for your followers. 

There are many ways to include links, but one of the most popular is Link Tree, which allows your business to have many links attached to your profile, website included. Here at In The Lights, we use a planning program called Later that connects specific posts to clickable links. Check it out in our Instagram profile!

Use whatever tool works best for you and clearly communicates all the links you want your followers to utilize — including links to your company’s other social media profiles!

7. Pin your best content to the top of your profile

Pinning a post keeps your best content at the top of your business’s page. A pinned post will be the first things people see when they land on your Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile. 

Think of this as an opportunity for a first impression where you will showcase your best content. Choose a post that captures a key message that your business tries to communicate or a new announcement about upcoming events/services/products. 

This will improve your page’s appearance without needing to create new content — a quick and easy social media facelift!

8. Thank Your Customers

Social media is a free and easy way to let your community and customers know how much your business appreciates their support. 

While responding to questions and comments on your social media is an expected practice, thanking your customers should be as well. Respond genuinely and maybe even give them a shoutout on your social media stories. 


For additional help, consider booking an ITL Spark Session where we will audit your company’s social media and highlight effective ways to create relevant content that can be shared across all social platforms.


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