Everyone has posted (at least) once in their life on Facebook. Everyone knows what it is, everyone knows how powerful it can be, and everyone knows that businesses are taking over your Facebook feed. Keeping up with the Facebook trends can be hard when there are 1.74 billion users (yes, I said billion). However, if you take some time to plan your Facebook posting, it can help you stay consistent and gain an authentic audience. Read on for four major tips on Facebook Posts!

How to Post

Logging into your social media accounts three times a day to post is not ideal. Utilize the tools that we have… for free! Facebook has a very easy scheduling tool. Simply write in your content and put a photo (there is a higher percentage of people who will read your post if you have a photo or video attached!) and choose the option “schedule.”

Scheduling Posts

Spread your updates evenly and consistently throughout the day in advance, through Facebook’s scheduling feature. If you post consistently at only one time of the day you will not reach a broad spectrum of users. Track which times of the day your page gets its optimum traffic and interactions. Keep a spreadsheet of this data and start making optimal windows of posting based on your posts performance.

What to Post

Sit down with your team and write down what your company does, this should be a no-brainer, but figuring out how to describe your company in one sentence will help users identify what you do. Next, write down your key clients/customers. Once you know who most of your clients or customers are, write down what clients/customers you want. Is it what you just wrote down? Great! If not, write it down, and there can be more than one answer. Look at your list, these are who your target market is. You want to post based on these types of people. What are their interests? Where do they live? What do they do? Are they predominantly young? Older? Male? Female? Identifying who your target market is will help you determine what content to post. And, always remember the 60%/40% rule. 60% engagement/ 40% promotion. People won’t follow you if you’re constantly badgering them about buying your product or using your service, so give them something to be excited about when you post.

When to Post

We already have the hard part down, knowing who your audience is. Now we need to find out when they look at their social accounts. With In The Lights, it can be hard to determine because our clients are entertainment and business owners. These two professions combined work around the clock. In order to tone in on when they’re using their social platforms, we experiment! Post some content in the morning on a Tuesday than at night on a Friday. Which post reached more people and receive more engagement? If one is significantly higher, write that time down and have that as a designated posting window (explained in tip #1).

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