As the light at the end of the COVID-19 tunnel grows brighter, your audience wants to hear from you about your reopening plans.

Your social content should give an authentic and transparent representation of the new normal. When you guide the narrative of your reopening procedure, you know what to expect when they return to your space. Clear communication about how you are operating post-COVID gives your audience confidence to return. 

In The Lights has created a worksheet that will give you the tools to create a one-month reopening social media plan that generates engagement, educates your audience, and promotes your upcoming events. Download HERE.

Important aspects to communicate to your audience: 


How have you made your venue safer for audiences? 

Audiences will feel more comfortable returning if they know you are taking their safety seriously. It will also help audiences manage their expectations for their reentry into your space. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. What are some creative ways to highlight your safety procedures? Take pictures, write a humorous note. 


What does it mean to finally be returning to live programming?

Share quotes from your staff and artists about what this past year has been like, and what it means to be returning. Fill out the prompts in our worksheet. Turn the answers into quote graphics, or share a picture of the person with their quote as the caption. 


What has the year on pause looked like for your organization? 

Looking back at how you survived and thrived during a difficult year creates some emotional intimacy with your audience. By taking time to reflect, you can show how your organization has grown and changed over the last year. 


What is the process of rehearsing during a pandemic?

Audiences are always intrigued by the behind the scenes magic of putting on a performance. Give your audience an inside look on how the rehearsal process works during this unprecedented time.

Let the Countdown begin! 

Once you’ve filled out the worksheet and developed ideas and creative content for communicating to your audience, it’s time to post to social media and share in newsletters. Each week leading up to opening, tease out posts that drum up excitement for the event. 

We’ve created an easy guide for you to print out to keep you on track for daily social content. Reopening Social Calendar

  • One Month to opening: An announcement about the artists/creatives involved
  • 3 Weeks Until opening: photo of a prop, costume, or scenic element. 
  • 2 Weeks Until opening: ticket or program photo
  • 1 Week Until opening: rehearsal photo
  • 1 day until opening: Tech week photo
  • Opening Night: Ready to perform photo 

For additional help and information book a Spark Session with us today! We will audit your social media and highlight ways you can improve your guide for better results. 

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